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Olayiwola Bolaji, MD, MSCR.

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Bolaji is an esteemed Geriatric Fellow who is passionately driving advancements in Geriatric Cardiology while spearheading the integration of data and machine learning into cardiovascular prevention and intervention. His current pioneering research and practice at Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School showcase his unwavering dedication to excellence.


With a robust foundation built during a rigorous Internal Medicine residency at the esteemed University of Maryland CRH, Dr. Bolaji embarked on a journey of medical expertise. Elevating his skills further, he earned a Master of Science in Clinical Research and Translational Medicine from the distinguished Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.


Dr. Bolaji is not only a visionary but also a trailblazer, showcasing a deep-seated passion for the transformative potential of data science in cardiovascular medicine. His innovative drive fuels his exploration of novel medical insights and treatments. Through an illustrious trajectory marked by unrelenting dedication, he continually elevates cardiovascular medicine by blending a profound understanding of medical intricacies with the power of data-driven insights.


A prolific researcher, Dr. Bolaji has made significant contributions with numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, focusing on areas such as machine learning, digital health, epidemiology, and biostatistics. His remarkable journey positions him as an ideal candidate for the role of Senior Research Scientist, a title that aptly reflects his expertise, accomplishments, and potential to enrich the field.


In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, Dr. Bolaji stands as a beacon of excellence, consistently pushing boundaries and propelling the field forward through his remarkable journey of innovation and impact.