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MedTech Innovator, the world’s largest accelerator of medical technology companies, today announced the 50 companies selected to participate in the organization’s flagship four-month Accelerator

SafeBeat Rx CEO, Dr. Rachita Navara, recognized for AI Leadership & Entrepreneurship Awards by VentureBeat

Since 2019, VentureBeat has been honoring the women leaders, mentors, researchers and entrepreneurs who are transforming the AI industry

The Pulse Celebrates SafeBeat Rx CEO, Dr. Rachita Navara

Rachita Navara, CEO and cofounder of Safebeat RX, received a first funding of $120K. SafeBeat Rx replaces a hospitalization with a take-home kit that combines FDA-approved wearables with life-saving

Zillionize Invests in SafeBeat Rx

Zillionize Invests in SafeBeat Rx – Using cutting-edge engineering to transform cardiac care

Olin College of Engineering recognizes SafeBeat Rx CEO, Dr. Rachita Navara

As valedictorian and Outstanding Senior Student at the acclaimed Signature School in Indiana, Dr. Rachita Navara ’11 had her pick of top engineering schools from MIT to Caltech—but for her, Olin stood