SafeBeat Rx

SafeBeat Rx CEO, Dr. Rachita Navara, presents at annual Heart Rhythm Society Conference

In a remarkable milestone for SafeBeat, Dr. Rachita Navara, the esteemed co-founder of SafeBeat, presented at the Heart Rhythm Society’s annual conference, the largest arrhythmia conference in the world.

During SafeBeat’s first year of research submissions, Dr. Navara presented three abstracts over the course of three consecutive days. Her groundbreaking work focused on the application of explainable artificial intelligence (AI) software and the automation of clinical workflows, with an emphasis on patients suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF). Furthermore, she had the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Melvin Scheinman, a prominent figure in the field of electrophysiology, and served as an official “Pace Setter” by covering scientific sessions. Additionally, Dr. Navara was invited to present at the Abbott Cardiovascular featured #WomeninEP presentation session, further highlighting her influential contributions.