SafeBeat Rx

Bishow Paudel, MD

Associate Director of Research

Dr. Paudel is an accomplished physician, currently at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) as Advannced Heart failure and transplant cardiology fellow, where he focuses on cardiac conditions with a special interest in heart failure. He has a breath of experience in academic institutions and clinical settings, such as at University of Iowa and at Intermountain Health, Holy Rosary Healthcare, where he was appointed as the Medical Staff President, entrusted with guiding the direction and collaboration of medical staff to provide optimal care. As part of this role, he served as the Chair of the Medical Executive Committee (MEC), exemplifying his ability to lead and foster effective decision-making. Dr. Paudel has made significant research contributions with numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, specifically in epidemiology and biostatistics, meta-analysis, and digital health.