SafeBeat Rx

Chief of Staff


At SafeBeat, we’re making machine learning based EKG software to power a cardiac telemetry hospitalization at home. We’re looking for a world-class technical operations expert who likes to wear different hats at a fast-growing startup. This position is hands-on, and requires varied skills with a natural aptitude for adaptability and continuous improvement. You will have lots of autonomy and flexibility in your role. You would be working directly with the founders – two physician-engineers from Stanford/Harvard with a passion for medical innovation. In this role, you will also help to lead our scientific and research group to drafting and writing manuscripts, applying for NIH, NSF, DOD, and private sector research grants, and awards, and help to design and write up proposals for our clinical studies. You will also make sure that our students in the research group are meeting their milestones/expectations.


Activities include:  

  • Building partnerships with leaders in the MedTech industry, hospital systems, and device companies.
  • Facilitating clinical trial progression (e.g. patient recruiting/pilots, data collection, publication in major journals/conferences).
  • Streamline operations of our diagnostic treatment facility in conjunction with our cardiac technicians.
  • Scoping and planning the launch of subsequent SafeBeat software products.
  • Refining the design and workflow of the our medical software/interface, and improving medical hardware integrations.
  • Liaising with our world-class development team.
  • Helping hire new candidates for other roles to expand our team, and assisting with evaluations of existing members.
  • Refine administrative operations of the company.
  • Helping with FDA submissions and patent filings.
  • Drafting manuscripts, grant applications, and clinical trial protocols.

Candidate Requirements:

  • 3+ years of Technical/Industry experience including Operations and Business Leadership, and Forming Strategic Partnerships.
  • Proficient in Technical/Scientific Writing/Clinical Operations.
  • Proficient in Analytical and Critical Thinking.
  • Willingness to work evenings/weekends to achieve company milestones.


We made it to TechCrunch’s list of top companies on YC Demo Day with unicorn potential, and we’re already in active clinical trials. Please reach out with your interest and CV.