SafeBeat Rx

Research Scientist Post Doctoral Position

San Francisco Part-time and Full-time

Our research group in SafeBeat Rx makes powering Cardiac Therapeutics – All from your Phone, based on machine learning, that powers a hospital at home solution to replace certain types of cardiology admissions. 

In this role, you will help to lead our scientific and research group to drafting and writing manuscripts, applying for NIH, NSF, DOD, and private sector research grants, and awards, and help to design and write up proposals for our clinical studies. You will also make sure that our students in the research group are meeting their milestones/expectations. 

This is an opportunity to attempt a really ambitious technology as part of a Silicon Valley Startup Company, SafeBeat Rx.

Preferred Qualification :

PHD in bio-medical engineering / Machine Learning / Data Science

About us:  

We are professional, agile, innovative and our goal is to make live saving software solutions that power a hospitalization at home for cardiology.   


Our work environment includes: 

  • Work-from-home   
  • Growth opportunities     
We are seeking a highly-qualified individual to lead our Business Development team. The ideal candidate is a skilled, charismatic and strategic leader who has strong experience in acquisitions and product development. A successful candidate will also be able to adapt to change and embrace new challenges as our company continues to grow and evolve.