SafeBeat Rx

ML Engineering Intern

San Francisco Part-time and Full-time

At Safebeat Rx, we’re building ECG software that powers a Cardiac Therapeutics – All from your Phone. We’re applying ML to cardiovascular disease detection, so far this means interpreting time-series data from ECG signals and determining whether they exhibit certain issues (more on this when you join!). We are currently doing this via a combination of signal processing and ML algorithms, but there’s always lots of room for improvement in terms of the algorithms, the approach, signal selection and cleanup, among others.

Activities include:

  • You will be part of a team pushing the boundaries of ML-enhanced electrocardiography
  • You will be expected to be proactive, look at our current approach and read research papers on the subject to find alternative approaches
  • Build prototypes to quickly test these approaches documenting the results.
  • You will own your project and take your own decisions, write code, run experiments, evaluate results, and draw conclusions
  • You’ll work with our engineers. They will be there to assist you with all of these tasks and brainstorm with you

Candidate Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program, or enrolled full-time in a graduate program (M.S., M.E., Ph. D., or M.D.), pursuing a degree majoring in a scientific, technology or engineering field
  • A decent understanding of Python
  • Experience with ML libraries (scikit, numpy, keras/pytorch/tensorflow)
  • Experience using Git

Why you should join SafeBeat Rx

At SafeBeat Rx (YC S21), we are building ECG software that powers a Cardiac Therapeutics – All from your Phone. Our take-home solution helps patients to get care at home, by combining FDA-cleared wearables with our ECG software that catches heart rhythm changes very quickly to allow for decision making. By joining our team, you will have a direct impact on millions of patients’ lives. 

If our mission and product excite you, we would love to connect.