SafeBeat Rx

Frontend Focused Full Stack Engineer

San Francisco Part-time and Full-time

About the role

At SafeBeat Rx, we’re building ECG software that is Cardiac Therapeutics – All from your Phone. Our product uses a combination of signal processing and machine learning to diagnose cardiac diseases and prescribe the appropriate medication.

We’re looking for an experienced frontend engineer who enjoys building modular and efficient React applications. Our product is written following best practices as much as possible, in TypeScript and Chakra UI.

You would be part of a distributed, async team, with a culture of rapid iteration and autonomy. We even made it to TechCrunch’s list of top companies on YC Demo Day with unicorn potential!

This is a full-time contract – the advertised salary range is in $/hour.


  • At least 3+ years of experience in React, TS, and CSS.
  • A passion for building high-quality software
  • Good communication skills

Nice to Haves:

Experience with Python and Django


  • Backend in Python, Django, and Postgres
  • Frontend in React, Chakra UI, TS
  • AWS infrastructure
  • Github Actions for CI, Rollbar monitoring, Slack alerts

Why you should join SafeBeat Rx

At SafeBeat Rx (YC S21), we are building ECG software that Powering Cardiac Therapeutics – All from your Phone. Our take-home solution allows patients to get care at home, by combining FDA-cleared wearables with our ECG software that detects heart rhythm changes very quickly to allow for clinical decision making. If you want to have a direct impact on millions of patients with heart problems, we’d love to connect. You would be working closely with the founders – two physician-engineers from Stanford/Harvard with a passion for medical innovation.

Read more at our bookface launch: